I'm Daniel Paulino Nogueira

physiotherapist and educator.

“The course of my life strongly marks the decision to dedicate myself to physical therapy. I was born with two major orthopedic alterations, in the left leg and in the spine. The first 16 years of my life I went through surgery rooms and medical consultations, and finally to a long physiotherapy treatment. I know how cold, impersonal, and expensive treatment with a healthcare professional can be.

Unfortunately, there are still many outdated and unsympathetic professionals regarding pain treatment and care. That’s what I seek to change in my practice! Physiotherapy and the recovery process do not have to be boring or long-suffering.”


to heal

I believe in a modern clinical practice, different from the traditional, linear and passive biomedical model. A model of care centered on the individual and education, which empowers and motivates each person as an active agent of their recovery.

We call this model biopsychosocial, integrative or holistic. Its greatest advantage is to understand the person in all its complexity, from physical, mental and even behavioral factors. Thus we obtain a more complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment, promote autonomy and reduce the need for regular visits.

The logo represented the 3 values I believe and apply to my clinical practice: empathy, taking time to listen to what one has to say is fundamental; knowledge, a current practice based on science and neuroscience; intervention, empower the person to work as a team.

"The physical therapist only needs his hands, brain and heart to treat a person."


(My undergraduate professor and later boss. Great clinician, tireless debater and gifted with an unprecedented intellectual generosity.)

Some hobbies